API ha più di trent’anni di esperienza come consulente tecnico e Solution Provider nel settore aeronautico e spaziale. Abbiamo iniziato nel 1974 occupandoci di sensori per i più importanti software nazionali e internazionali. Conosciamo il settore e sappiamo offrire la soluzione più adatta a risolvere ogni problematica operativa con prodotti e servizi delle migliori marche, caratterizzati da tecnologie sempre tra le più avanzate.


Tool Control SoftwareNexCap® IoT Platform enables full interoperability of each RFID infrastructure and mobile device of NEXESS range of products. This platform acts like a RFID middleware that provides the interface between the data collected in the field from connected objects, infrastructure / mobile devices and software management company operating data. Nexcap® IoT Platform includes the following features:
• Native support of RFID technology: management and communication with readers, etc.
• Management of connected objects (tags): reading, writing, etc.
• Data processing: collection, acquisition, data filtering objects connected
• Business Process Management : software layer adapted to business processes around the connected object
• Management of interfaces to ERP systems : SOAP, REST , Web services interfaces

Nexcap® IoT platform has been specifically developed to provide a comprehensive set of business software features around traceability, management and geolocation of connected objects for Industry.

Tool CabinetsNEXESS has designed and developed a complete range of smart RFID infrastructures. These infrastructures help moving a workshop, store or assembly line to a smarter level by automating the geolocation, movement and management of connected objects present in the workplace.

Compliant with EPC Gen2 UHF RFID standards governing the technology and EPCIS for data, NexCap RFID smart infrastructures communicate via Ethernet or Wi-Fi with the RFID Nexcap Server for exchanging information and downloading movements of connected objects that are stored and archived in the Server.

These infrastructures are also connectable to existing platforms compliant with RFID EPCIS data format for data exchange. Infrastructures such as RFID cabinet and RFID counter also have a feature rich user interface related to the connected objects that are managed : real-time inventory , location of objects , last movements , etc.

Counter PortalThe Smart RFID Counter allows the storekeeper to manage and record tools borrowings and returns from the warehouse with RFID technology.

The Smart RFID Counter Nexess allows the storekeeper to manage and record tools borrowings and returns from the warehouse with RFID technology.

The RFID Counter Nexess identifies automatically tool equipped with RFID tag, follow up its calibration and maintenance date and allow or not its distribution. The Smart RFID Counter Nexess allows automatic and accurate inventory. Based on UHF RFID technology, RFID portal Mod3 is ideal for detection and automatic tracking of tools and equipments flow.

The management of assets in warehouses (tools, spare parts, equipments etc.) is a major issue in the industry from their inventory to the monitoring of their deliverances. An approximate management of these assets can generate a significant loss of productivity but also impacts in terms of safety: time borrowings / returns, delivery of materials beyond the validity period, inventory and calibration dates tracking, etc. Based on UHF RFID technology, RFID portal Mod3 is ideal for detection and automatic tracking of tools and equipments flow.

The RFID portal Mod3 allows automatic tracking of materials inputs / outputs from warehouse and generates alerts in case of delivery of equipment which is out of service or beyond validity date. Identified through UHF RFID tag, each tool or equipment is unique and automatically identified thanks to the RFID portal Mod3. Each tool movement is tracked and stamped (Who, What, When, Where).

Mobile Tool Management SolutionsNEXESS offers its Apps library on industrial mobile devices complying with the constraints of Energy and Aerospace sectors. Connected by Wifi, Ethernet or 4G, PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant) and touch pads offered by NEXESS were qualified on Usability, Robusteste, RFID Performance and Mobility aspects.

Il nostro metodo
Partiamo sempre dal bisogno del cliente per cercare la soluzione migliore.

Diversamente dalle soluzioni pronte, da adattare a un bisogno, il nostro metodo di lavoro prevede un’approfondita fase di analisi, che poi viene interpretata alla luce di una competenza tecnica, processuale e della trentennale esperienza nel campo aerospaziale. Un metodo che ci conduce a formulare una proposta estremamente personalizzata e funzionale, incentrata realmente sui bisogni del singolo cliente.